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old school

A finished project!

Posted on 2013.09.08 at 20:28
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Of course, the finished things are only vaguely similar to my initial plan, but that's pretty much the norm..

On to the story: So, in a post in 2007 I mentioned having an idea for a quilt with embroideries on. I'm pretty sure that this is that project.* I have always liked redwork quilts, with their simple line embroideries and limited colours. Usually they are made of cotton muslin with embroidery in Turkey red - household leftovers and the cheap but colourful and colourfast yarn.

Here's a couple of links to examples in the Quilt index:
Connecticut, early 20th century
Detail of above quilt
Quilt made by Emiline Lacross, Connecticut
Detail of Lacross Quilt

So, that was my starting point. I then decided to make a bluework version, because I had half a kilo of blue embroidery cotton.** And white cotton cloth can always be found cheaply. For free, occasionally.

Yeah, I think I was having one of my "trying to be normal" episodes when I decided on the colour scheme.

So, fast forward a couple of years. I'm still working on the occasional piece of embroidery for this quilt, but have realised I'll never use it! So, in the spirit of my new crafting mantra "Done is better than perfect", I decide to make reusable grocery bags out of the embroidered*** bits instead. And now they are finished! Two nice sturdy bags.

Aaand, pictures under the cut!Collapse )

old school

Zombie knitting...

Posted on 2013.08.29 at 23:06
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(For someone who actually dislikes zombies, I seem to be talking about them a lot. Also, the best zombie movie I have seen lately is ParaNorman. It's adorable.)

kseenaa pimped out this journal in her latest post, telling people to watch this space for some knitting. Which made me think "I haven't knitted a thing for bloody ages, why did I name the journal lady_knits?" But thinking about it for all of three seconds made me realise I have knit things. Not anything I actually think about, I only use the stuff every gorram day... Which brings us back to the zombies. Also known as my computer knitting.

Long-ass post is loong, and therefore cutCollapse )

old school

Another random resurrection...

Posted on 2013.08.26 at 21:28
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I just had to post this fabulous youtube vid that came up on another blog I read. Some serious multitasking here! 1885 meets 2013 (Link goes to the blog post where I found it.)

And on the topic of this journal coming to life again: I have a camera nowadays. As I said on the other journal, I make no promises. Especially since the black shawl I'm talking about in the previous post, 2+ years ago? Still not finished. But it's more likely there will be posts, at least...

old school

It's aliiiveee!

Posted on 2010.12.15 at 11:46
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The journal, I mean. I haven't posted here in years...No fun posting about crafty stuff without pictures. And there's still no camera, so no pictures. *sad face*

But I'm still crafting. Mostly quilts. And some knitting, which is what got me to posting; I have an almost finished shawl, which I was looking forward to wear for the first time during my New Year's trip. I mean, there are bats on it! Black lace bats!

And then my circular needle broke. The needle that I bought new for this project! I did salvage the knitting, without losing a single stitch (but there was a nerve-wracking fifteen minutes where I wondered how the hell I was gonna fix this...). But there is no such thing as a 100 cm size 5 bamboo circular needle here in Hicksville, Middle-of-nowhere... I have been in every store in town I thought might have anything to do with knitting needles. (All three of them.) And the closest I got was aluminium and 80 cm. No good. (If I change what kind of needles, metal instead of bamboo, my tension will go all haywire, and that will not be pretty.)

And I don't have time to go to the city before Christmas...

I am NOT amused.

old school

Neat stuff on the web...

Posted on 2007.06.14 at 22:44
Current Mood: amusedamused
I tend to stay far away from the sugar sweet type of crafts; the pastels, the frolicking children, and the hopping little bunnies. You know the type.

This is why I'm not really a fan of Sunbonnet Sue quilts; too sweet for my taste. Here's an example of a typical Sue quilt for those not familiar with her. You see my point, yes? Sooo not me. *grins*

But today I found a Sue I could see myself making... Lizzie Sue!
Also, this one ain't half bad either:Dancing Sue

And there's more at Bad Sue's own page! Not all of them are what I'd consider bad, but I like them anyway. *grins*

old school

I have a song stuck in my brain...

Posted on 2007.06.11 at 17:47
It's Poe's Nevermore. To the tune of "Deck the Halls". I'm sure Poe have never sounded so cheerful before...

That aside, here's a post I've been working on for some time...

Apparently I have no idea what I want to do right now. I seem to have left the embroidery phase behind and gone via quilting back to knitting. I do think it is at least partially because I have a serious lack of materials. Or, more precisely, lack of materials I *want* to use. I have loads of stuff, but it all needs something extra in order to become something I like. This "extra" might be additional fabric, more space, or more than I own of one colour embroidery floss. And right now I can't get this stuff.

So I went back to knitting and am currently working away on what was my "computer project", the left-over blanket no. II. Stash-busting spree, yay! I wondered a bit when I started this blanket if I would have enough yarns, or if I would have to get more somehow. Since I found two grocery bags worth of various acrylic/mystery yarns, I think there will be enough... And that is just the blue/green/neutrals ones, mind you. There is probably just as much left in the purple/red/burgundy scale...

I will probably keep going with the quilts, I have decided on the hexagons and I also have an idea for a quilt with embroideries on. And in preparation for an upcoming train journey I put together a little crochet project. So I suppose there will be varied activity.

Ok, who am I kidding? I cannot sit still and do nothing. There will be crafting, I just have no idea exactly what I'm going to do.


I started the post ages ago and never got around to posting. By now, there have been changes. The only constant thing around here is change...

I'm working on the left-overs blanket, only a few more pieces to go before it's finished.

I have cut and placed out all the pieces for a quilt top in shades of white. The colour choice here might need an explanation, since it's soo not me: I found five ickly ixties/seventies polyester dresses, all in shades of white, in the bottom of the inherited rag stash. And I got an idea... so four days later I had 228 squares cut out and placed in a neat diagonal pattern on an old bedsheet to be sewn together as time permits. Am planning to piece the back of this too; I have more ickly polyester dresses in pastels, and some left over from the white. I have no idea of what pattern it will be, but something simple... Yay, more stashbusting!

The hexagons are slowly coming along; I want to stick with the original idea I had, with no more than four pieces of the same fabric. But that means it will have to be a long-term project, since I didn't have quite enough different fabrics. I suspect there will be a log-cabin quilt in the same fabrics, so I can get rid of them. We'll see...

old school

Neat link...

Posted on 2007.04.27 at 14:47
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If you think I'm obsessed with complex tiny perfectionist stuff, you are absolutely right. But I'm far from the worst, as evidenced by what's on the other end of this link: Hexagons!

old school

Some tired ramblings

Posted on 2007.04.26 at 22:16
Current Mood: tiredbut happy
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For some reason I have the idea of making a postage stamp quilt running around in my head. I'm not sure I should act on it, I have so many other things to do. But it seems it can't wait... So I started mucking about a bit; deciding size and shape of the pieces, finding the fabrics...

One other thing; You know I talked about my obsessive crafting waves? But this latest embroidery craze seems to be different. I have Several embroidery projects going on, and plans for many more. But I still do other things; I have a knitting project lying beside the computer; If I have to read long stretches of text I knit at the same time. I get ideas about embroideries, but also about quilts, and I'm thinking about taking up bobbin lace again. This is weird. But I don't have the time to do all of this; I need to do school work and job hunting, and when my parents are at home I can't do as much as I like.

Maybe the obsession this time is about crafting in general? *grins*

I started this post days ago and never got around to posting; since then I have given in to the urge to quilt, and started to pick out the fabrics. My current thought are on deciding the shape of the pieces. I tried squares, and decided I can't do it that way*. So I thought hexagons might work, I have some already cut out for a pillow, in just the right size. Then I thought "maybe I should try to not do the same shape every time", so I'm maybe doing diamonds instead. Or maybe not. I like hexagons.

O well, I have time to decide... first I have to figure out how to make sure all the pieces of fabric are clean and pre-shrunk. It's kind of not going to work with throwing them in the washer; it's a grocery bag stuffed full of bits of fabric in sizes from "postage stamp" to "small sail". In all the colours of the rainbow, no less. All of it with jagged raw edges. I see a lot of handwashing in my near future...

*That is, I can't do the simple and efficient method and cut them to size and sew them together on the machine. It went all wonky, so I decided to do paper piecing instead. Anyone surprised by this? *sigh* I am apparently utterly incapable of doing crafts the simple and fast way...

old school

Some thoughts and some FOs...

Posted on 2007.04.19 at 17:32
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"Some thoughts" equals random babbling:

I have started a couple new projects since last time I wrote anything here. Just pieces of embroidery really, I have no idea what I'm going to do with them once the embroidery is done. Especially since I'm a bit hampered by my lack of funds; I have to make things out of the materials I have. All of which are leftovers from the previous embroidery spree a couple of years ago and therefore in colours I no longer like... So far:

Needle lace: I have done two tries on a small bookmark pattern I found on the net. The first try have been put away, never to see the light of day again. The second try is actually rather nice, so now I'm fiddling about with making a fun pattern for my next piece. Quite possibly a bat.

Medallion thingie... A round "medallion" with a tribal tattoo pattern in red on a blue background. (See above for explanation of the very much "not me" colours) Uses stem stitch as a fill stitch, so it's going to take me a while to finish.

"Blackwork" experiment: I put Blackwork in quotes since it's actually white on blue, not black on white. But the techniques are genuine blackwork, Elizabethan style. (Link to a not too clear example, best I could find in a hasty search)It's coming along nicely, so nicely I'm starting to regret my rather bad pattern drawing - I inteded it as a try-out piece, but it works better than I thought. O well. At least it's fun.

And under the cut, some very big pics of old FOsCollapse )

old school

Interesting things, as promised...

Posted on 2007.03.21 at 22:02
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I don't know if any of you know that my crafting tends to go in a sort of wave pattern. The crafting itself is always there (unless I'm more than usually depressed), but the current obsession shifts from one thing to another. One of these "phases" can last anything from a few days to a few years. During this time I almost exclusively do one thing. I might do something that's not the current "in" thing, if I need new clothes or a gift for someone, but those things I have to work for. Ideas for the "in" thing just pops up, every form of inspiration turns into that kind of thing.

The knitting has lasted a very long time, several years, probably because there are so many different forms of knitting. Lace, cables, shaped knitting... there is always something new to try. But now, it seems, it's time for a change: Embroidery.

I don't know where it came from, I never do. But suddenly I start to hang out on the Embroidery board at Craftster, I look around the web for patterns and ideas, I rummage through my boxes-of-things for fabrics and threads... And my knitting projects lay abandoned by the wayside.

It's not the first time I've been bitten by the embroidery bug; the very first crafting project I remember was an embroidery. But it's been a couple of years now. It's way easier than I remember to get a decent result, and this time around I think I got the hang of working with a hoop.

One thing that's better with embroidery is the pics. Embroidery is mostly flat and can be scanned with reasonably good results. So here is the load of FOs from the first week of the obsession:
Lots of pics and blabbering under this here cut...Collapse )

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