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old school

Another random resurrection...

Posted on 2013.08.26 at 21:28
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I just had to post this fabulous youtube vid that came up on another blog I read. Some serious multitasking here! 1885 meets 2013 (Link goes to the blog post where I found it.)

And on the topic of this journal coming to life again: I have a camera nowadays. As I said on the other journal, I make no promises. Especially since the black shawl I'm talking about in the previous post, 2+ years ago? Still not finished. But it's more likely there will be posts, at least...


kseenaa at 2013-08-26 21:14 (UTC) (Link)
That was a cool video, I will admit! :-D Talk about multitasking!

Looking forward to photos. ;-) You can't just leave this LJ hanging again. In fact, I'll go pimp it just for the hell of it! :-D

Lady K
lady_knits at 2013-08-29 20:18 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, it's really impressive - I don't think I'd have the guts to do it. Maybe some handsewing though... (There's always more hexagons, it seems.)

Allright, I'll try... No promises about it being actually, you know, interesting though... :-)
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